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At Valeo Natural, quality is built into the product from its conception and all throughout the manufacturing process. Practices and procedures are in place for material control and process control to ensure that products are of the highest quality. Valeo Natural is cGMP compliant and holds a Health Canada site license to import, manufacture and package natural health products.

Natural Product Numbers (NPN)
To be legally sold in Canada all health products must pass stringent quality control testing and be given a Natural Product Number. As well, the Canadian sites that manufacture, package, label and import these products must pass rigorous quality assurance standards, specific labeling and packaging requirements must be met, good manufacturing practices must be followed, and proper safety and efficacy evidence must be provided before they are issued site licences.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) are government regulated guidelines designed to ensure effective product quality control. They set high standards and practices for product testing, manufacturing, storage/handling, packaging/labelling and distribution. Manufacturers must demonstrate that they adhere to these practices before the Natural Health Products Directorate will issue them a site license, which they must have in order to produce a natural health product in Canada.

Safe Material Control Procedures

Strict material control procedures ensure that all raw materials are sampled and tested to certify they meet pre-determined specifications. We work closely with suppliers so they understand our quality requirements and collaborate with them to safeguard that only quality materials are supplied. All materials and components are identified by distinctive code and received against a unique lot number to ensure against mix-ups. Label control procedures are in place from receiving, to application including inspection, accuracy checks and limited access storage.

Finished Product Testing

Throughout the manufacturing process each formulation is analyzed and verified for the presence of active ingredients and the absence of contaminants. The results must pass specific requirements demonstrating that the standards of quality are maintained. Quality control, at every step of manufacturing, ensures we deliver the purest and most natural finished product to our customers.

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