Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

A product can be consistently well made according to GMP standards. But that does not necessarily mean it has the potential to improve health.

Quality to us does not mean just meeting a minimum standard of ingredient identity and purity; or simply verifying that the product in the bottle matches the strength and concentration of ingredients printed on the label.

Because we put our name on every bottle, our products have to meet our higher standard, which means:

  • Exceptional purity of ingredients—with testing to meet our own strict guidelines and exceed industry standards
  • Certified verification of ingredients by third-party assays— to ensure finished product quality, purity and potency
  • Tablets/softgels that dissolve when they're supposed to—we test every batch of tablets to make sure they disintegrate as they should
  • Taste & tolerance tests—because quality to us also means that people like the product (so they will take it and get the results they expect)
  • Clinical evaluations—to monitor clinical outcomes, make suggestions for improvements, and help doctors recommend for their patients

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